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Housing options to suit any lifestyle

The decision to relocate to Japan can be daunting. While similar businesses may offer accommodation and other perks, Gaba does not. In keeping with the company’s mission statements, Gaba seeks independent self-starters to teach from the Learning Studios. That said, we support successful applicants with thorough information on housing, health insurance, and general tips for living comfortably in Japan.

You can find here a selection of trusted partners who provide accommodation in and around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Generations of instructors have comfortably transitioned to Japan while staying at a guesthouse or shared apartment. Discounts are available to Gaba instructors! Simply follow the links below for more information.

Housing in Kanto

Housing in Kansai

Housing in Chubu

Like many procedures in Japan, renting an apartment is complicated by several quaint practices. To help you navigate what will surely be a memorable process, we have provided a simple glossary of terms in PDF form:

Housing Glossary of Terms PDF       

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