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Seamless integration from lesson booking to review and record keeping


Technology plays a central role in our service. Clients use a system called myGaba to book their lessons. Accessible from any personal computer or mobile phone, they can also access a variety of supplementary materials to help them prepare for their lessons and review afterward. Here, too, they can view instructors’ profiles to help them choose with whom they would like to study in their future lessons.

All Gaba clients have access to their lesson records via myGaba. Most follow their progress and many adjust their lesson preferences to better facilitate their studies. Such details are invaluable to instructors when planning lessons.

For instructors there is GabaWeb. This network is where instructors go for all information pertaining to their schedules, clients’ lesson preferences, and the learning materials themselves. Instructor Support is also available here to assist with lesson preparation.

GabaWeb is the database in which all client information is stored. Instructors document each lesson online and all comments made are linked to the client’s page at home. With everything online, tracking a client’s progress and planning lessons are much simpler. Everything is updated with a click of a button, eliminating a good deal of pre-lesson planning, paperwork, and most importantly, ensuring that every lesson meets the client’s specific needs.

As with our clients, each Gaba instructor receives a personalized account that can be accessed via their mobile phone or personal computer, providing a useful and convenient way for instructors to check their teaching schedules from anywhere. Instructors can also use the system to submit lesson schedules, and to securely pass documents to Gaba should the need arise (e.g. visa information etc.).

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