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Qualifications Oceania



Languages International, Auckland

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Languages International offers the following English language teacher training programmes: Cambridge CELTA and Delta for fluent speakers of English, and a TESOL programme for teachers who have B2 level competence. We are the longest-established English language teacher training centre in New Zealand and have a reputation for high quality courses.


Australasian Training Academy (ATA)

Location : Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
ATA offers excellent educational value and flexible study options and are successfully producing world-class English language teachers who are highly sought after internationally. ATA’s most popular courses are the 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate Program and the 240-hour Professional TESOL Certificate Program.


International House Sydney

Location : Sydney
International House Sydney offers a great range of English teaching programs including CELTA, DELTA and TESOL. All programs are taught by experienced and highly trained teachers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, assuring participants of a rewarding experience.